Trump vs. Biden - A Turning Point for the World? 9am UK

This session will run twice with different speakers - at 4:00 am ET (9:00 am GMT) and again at 11:00 am ET (4:00 pm GMT).

As the US Presidential election draws near and the race tightens, governments and businesses must be prepared for what lies ahead.

The 2020 election outcome may be the most consequential in decades, given the daunting agenda that the next administration will face over the next four years. It will be tasked with helping the economy recover from its deepest depression in nearly a century, confront or accommodate a rising China in a changing global order, and deal with a Congress and Supreme Court that are working on policy changes towards healthcare, climate, technology regulation, among other key issues. The choices made will have a profound impact on the United States and globally.

For this session, we have teamed up with the ING Group to examine the potential election outcomes and discuss the consequences each scenario would bring in the short and long run beyond 2020. The webinar marks the forthcoming report as part of Oxford Analytica and ING Group’s joint thought leadership series ‘US Politics Watch 2020’. Over the past year the series has monitored the election landscape, analyzing the likely political, economic, and regulatory impacts of different scenarios.

The expert panel will answer:

  • Where and how the 2020 US elections will be won and lost? And how will the US civics and party politics more broadly be affected by the election cycle and its aftermath?
  • Do the Democrats stand a realistic chance of keeping control of the House of Representatives and winning additional Senate seats?
  • What does Biden win mean and what would be his policy priorities for the United States and globally?
  • If re-elected, what would Trump’s plans for his second term be?
  • How the United States will engage with the world in the case of Biden or Trump win? And what would be the implications from the geopolitical, economic, foreign policy, and global business perspectives?

October 15, 2020

9am UK / 10am CET



Executive VP & Global Chief Economist

The Conference Board


Director of Analysis

Oxford Analytica

Deputy Director of Advisory

Oxford Analytica