Trade & IP: Global Collaboration

The existing global framework for collaboration on trade and intellectual property rights has increasingly come under stress. New 21st century style international trade agreements, the extensive global reach of digital technologies and recent political shifts against multilateralism will have major implications on how businesses and governments operate around the world.  

The panel will answer:  

What major global economic and political trends underlie the changes in global coordination of trade and intellectual property rights?  

How have multilateral organizations responded to those challenges thus far?   

What are the best proposals for a revamp, and which have the biggest chance of success?   

How should businesses respond to those challenges over short and long terms? 

December 03, 2020

10am EST / 3pm GMT / 16h CET




Corporate Department Proskauer Rose, LLP


World Trade Organization

Head of Digital Trade

World Economic Forum


Deputy Director of Analysis

Oxford Analytica

Senior Economist

The Conference Board