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Collaborate to compete by balancing the shifting priorities between shareholders, stakeholders and society.

The Global Horizons Conference convenes senior executives, principal policy makers, and thought leaders with world experts to examine pivotal issues in the environment, in society and in governance.

March 23 - 24, 2021

London, UK

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As business recognises the critical importance of its role in combatting climate change, it is time to convert ambitions into fundamental actions to achieve net zero emissions. Only in collaboration with both government and society can business make this necessary systemic change.  

December 03, 2020

11am EDT / 4pm UK / 17h CEDT


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Strategic priorities have been thrown into turmoil as organizations grapple with the impact of COVID‑19 lockdowns on everyday operations.

Given the change of priorities, will climate change regain the priority standing that it had just months ago and where do the emerging opportunities for collaboration lie?

July 02, 2020

11am EDT / 4pm UK / 17h CEDT


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Global Horizons is a "knowledge exchange" convening senior executives, policy-makers and thought leaders with world experts to examine the most pressing issues shaping politics, the economy, business and society.

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