Martin Chilcott

Chairman and CEO

Manufacture 2030 


Martin Chilcott’s experience in launching and running successful internet businesses in the late 1990s, convinced him that the global community was once more at the brink of systemic change, this time, driven by the need to become sustainable.

Having witnessed the power of enterprise and digital technology to drive change, Martin was convinced business had to be at the heart of the sustainability revolution, and that web technologies would play a major role in accelerating the process.

As a result 2degrees - an Oxford based technology company specialising in resource efficiency software solutions - was born. Martin’s current focus is the company’s Manufacture 2030 platform and its unique cloud-based tool the Bee.

M2030 enables large corporations to reduce the carbon emissions in their global manufacturing supply chains by helping suppliers to use resources more sustainably, cutting operational costs and environmental impacts.


Strategic priorities have been thrown into turmoil as organizations grapple with the impact of COVID‑19 lockdowns on everyday operations.

Given the change of priorities, will climate change regain the priority standing that it had just months ago and where do the emerging opportunities for collaboration lie?

July 02, 2020

11am EDT / 4pm UK / 17h CEDT