In this new, post-COVID decade of global transformation will your organisation be ready to survive - and thrive - in the future? Re-imagining Geopolitics, Tech & ESG

Global Horizons is an ongoing series of worldwide virtual events culminating in the 36th Global Horizons Conference in London March 23-24, 2021.

Next Webcasts

COVID-19 & The Future of Global Supply Chains

Webcast: July 16

COVID‑19 & The Future of Work

Webcast: June 18

The View from the C‑Suite: Geopolitical and Economic Challenges

Webcast: July 9

The Events

Global Horizons Virtual is a transformative "knowledge exchange" for executives, policy-makers and experts.

We will examine in a series of webcasts, interviews and videos the most pressing issues in geopolitics, technology & ESG.

The Conference convenes senior executives, principal policy makers & thought leaders with world experts in London, March ‍23-24 2021.

We will examine pivotal issues shaping politics, economy, business & society including geopolitics, technology and ESG.

Previous Headline Speakers

Selected headline speakers from Global Horizons in previous years

Former Secretary General

United Nations

Former Prime Minister

United Kingdom

Former President


Former President

European Commission

Former Defense Secretary

United States of America

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs



Senior Advisor, The China Center for Economics and Business

The Conference Board

Global Trade Leader


Chairman and CEO

Manufacture 2030 

Vice President

The Boeing Company

Executive Vice President

Johnson & Johnson

Director, Future of Work

Oxford Martin School, Oxford University

Leader, Future of Work Now


Chief Global Strategist

J.P. Morgan


Global Horizons is a "knowledge exchange" convening senior executives, policy-makers and thought leaders with world experts to examine the most pressing issues shaping politics, the economy, business and society.

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